Phoenix Community Church
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Church & Ministry Meeting
10 am, February 1 @ Portage UCC

Council Meeting
4:45 pm, February 13 @ Theo & Stacy's Restaurant, 5225 Portage Rd., Portage

Clergy Gathering
12 pm, February 20 @ To Be Announced

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Southwest Association

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Council of the Southwest Association

The Association Council conducts the business of the Association. Among other duties, this includes planning all meetings of the full Association, recommending a budget to the Association, and adminstering the funds of the Association. For a more complete description of the Council's duties see the Association Bylaws.

Council Members for 2018:

Moderator:Pastor Kathy Schuen
Vice Moderator:Rev. Mary Beth Moran Cross
Secretary:Rev. Adam Bohland
Treasurer:Howard Tejchma
Registrar:Rev. Kenneth Arthur
Representative to Conference Board:Rev. Ruth Moerdyk
Members at Large:Jo Cunningham
 Melanie Johnson
Member ex-officio:Rev. Justo Gonzalez, MI Conference Rep.

Note: Members ex-officio have voice but no vote.