Some books written by clergy of the Southwest Association, past and present:

Rev. Kenneth W Arthur
“Out of the Ashes: Constructive Theology for Those Burned Out on Christianity,” Energion Publications, 2017.

Rev. David Moffett-Moore
“To Be or Not to Be: The Adventure of Christian Existentialism,” Energion Publications, 2017.
“The Jesus Manifesto: A Participatory Study Guide to the Sermon on the Mount,” Energion Publications, 2016.
“Pathways to Prayer,” Energion Publications, 2015.
“Creation in Contemporary Experience,” Energion Publications, 2014.
“The Spirit’s Fruit: A Participatory Study Guide,” Energion Publications, 2014.
“Life as Pilgrimage: A View from Celtic Spirituality,” Energion Publications, 2013.
“Wind and Whirlwind,” Energion Publications, 2013.

Rev. Melanie Morrison
“Letters from Old Screamer Mountain,” RCWMS Press, 2021.
“Murder on Shades Mountain: The Legal Lynching of Willie Peterson and the Struggle for Justice in Jim Crow Birmingham,” Duke University Press Books, 2018.
“The Grace of Coming Home: Spirituality, Sexuality, and the Struggle for Justice,” Pilgrim Press, 1995.

Rev. Janice Jean Springer
“I Know We’re All Welcome at the Table, But Do I Have to Sit Next to You?,” Energion Publications, 2018.
“Nurturing Spiritual Depth in Christian Worship: 10 Practices,” Liturgy Training Publications, 2009.